Valve’s Deckard is a Steam Deck for your face

Valve’s Steam Deck is a great bit of gaming hardware, but can you strap it to your face? Not comfortably. So it’s interesting to see a newly unveiled Valve patent for what appears to be a stand-alone VR headset. The device, codenamed Deckard after the character in Blade Runner, could be the firm’s next hardware release.

As ever with patents, it’s important to curb your enthusiasm: a patent filing may be an indication of a real product, but it can just as easily be something that the owner will decide not to go ahead with. But as it’s three years since Valve’s previous VR headset, the Valve Index, a new Valve VR device would be warmly welcomed by gamers and an interesting alternative to Sony’s PSVR 2 and the still unconfirmed Apple AR/VR headset too.

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