Vampire Esports claim three chicken dinners on Day 2 of PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown 

Day 2 of the 2022 PMWI Afterparty saw fabulous performances from Thai team Vampire Esports, who captured fans’ imagination by clinching the Main Event title. The team put up impeccable performances, claiming three chicken dinners in their six games.

Although they’ve been unable to usurp Alpha 7 from pole position, the side managed to reduce the points deficit. Following their Day 2 showing, Vampire Esports are now 27 points behind the first-ranked team Alpha 7 and eight points ahead of third-placed Falcons Esports.

If Vampire Esports retain their efficiency in the remaining six matches, they could dethrone Alpha 7 and clinch the Afterparty Showdown as well. The team needs to put up another remarkable performance on Day 3 as Team Falcons aren’t far away from them.

Vampire Esports secure three chicken dinners on PMWI Afterparty Day 2

Beginning their day in seventh with 35 points, the team struggled in their first two matches, collecting one and seven points respectively.

GamerCityNews svg> Vampire Esports claim three chicken dinners on Day 2 of PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown 
Vampire Esports won the third match on Day 2 of PMWI Afterparty (image via PUBG Mobile)

The team clinched their first chicken in the third match, played on Vikendi. The shrinking of the final zone proved to be a boon for them, as both Damwon Gaming and Alpha 7 were stuck outside of the safe region.

Both teams tried their best to beat Vampire Esports but to no avail. The team secured a 10-kill chicken dinner to propel themselves through the ranks.

Their second win came in the fifth match on Sanhok, defeating India’s 7SEA Esports to claim a six-kill chicken dinner. With this victory, the team racked up 87 points on the overall standings.

The side retained their excellence in the sixth match as well, clinching their third chicken dinner with 13 eliminations. In their final bout, Vampire Esports defeated Bigetron RA to secure a deserved win. Notching up another 23 points, their overall total stood at an impressive 110 on the leaderboard.

Across Day 2, Vampire Esports secured a remarkable 75-point haul, more than double their total on the first day of the PMWI Afterparty.

They also won a chicken dinner in the first duo-showmatch of the day but the accumulated points, alongside the chicken dinner, won’t be counted in the overall rankings.

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