Video: 7 Nintendo Switch Games Exclusive To Japan That We Really Want Localised

@anoyonmus Yeah, but it will be the OFFLINE Version. They’ll just drop “Offline” from the title, because, as evidenced by titles like Dragon Quest of the Stars, NOBODY’S willing to commit to an MMORPG Dragon Quest as much as they would on Final Fantasy XIV Online. Besides, Americans prefer FInal Fantasy over Dragon Quest, any day!

I mean, where Dragon Quest sticks to the same old-fashioned setting and battle formula, Final Fantasy changes with the seasons, and we got settings as old as Cornelia or the Kingdom Baron, or Victorian-styled settings like FFVI, or Modern Final Fantasy settings like the world of the Gardens (FFVIII), Midgar (FFVII), and Eos (FFXV)! And where Dragon Quest has the same-old turn-based battle system, Final Fantasy kept evolving with the times, from Turn-based to Active Timed Battle, to Action-oriented Battles ala Kingdom Hearts! And most glaring of all, where the Hero was welcomed with “HOES MAD,” SEPHIROTH was welcomed with “NO FREAKIN’ WAAAAAAY!!!”

In other words, it’s the general public that says it best: FInal Fantasy is BETTER than Dragon Quest! Now, stay where you belong, in my memories!

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