Video Games Backrooms: Know how to ‘No Clip’ reality and enter ‘The Backrooms’ in video games

Online commenters imagined a location outside our world, a deserted maze with a soggy carpet that could be accessed only by slipping through gaps of reality, in response to the photo. This reality-shattering is frequently referred to as “no-clipping” in video game culture.

“The Backrooms” is regarded as a creepypasta and is often compared to Slender Man from 2010. However, the idea existed before that. It suggests seeing “The Pool Rooms,” a video on Jared Pike’s account on YouTube. Over 26 million people have seen “The Backrooms,” one of his most well-liked videos from earlier in 2022, on YouTube.

The Backrooms have discovered a new home on TikTok, which currently rules social media. According to insiders, the Japanese structure seen in the video is real and is from a former water park, but Google Earth does not allow you to look inside.

The “Lonely gamer effect” is what distinguishes the Backrooms from Slender Man and creepypasta. The Slender Man is a colossal, imagined creature who is after you. You might try to flee for aid, but you are shut off from society and must deal with monsters by yourself in the backrooms.

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Do video games boost intelligence in kids? See this

Do video games boost intelligence in kids? See this

Around Halloween in 2012, YouTubers like Markiplier played through Slender: The Eight Pages as part of Slenderman, a creepypasta phenomenon. The Creepy Pasta incorporates video game culture into its main plot. The Backrooms’ structural components, like its crowdsourced levels and monsters, are because of a culture that is heavily fascinated by video games and looking for alternative creative avenues.


  1. Are Backrooms affecting video games?
    Definitely, Backrooms affect a video game.
  2. What is Lonely Gamer?
    A lonely gamer refers to a socially isolated individual due to video games.

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