Video shows gameplay, not Russian helicopters

CLAIM: A video clip shows multiple Russian helicopters attacking a complex of buildings at dusk while taking fire from the ground.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The clip shows computer-generated imagery from the video game Arma 3, not actual military combat.

THE FACTS: A clip showing a helicopter attack was misrepresented on social media over the weekend as genuine footage of Russian military combat.

The video clip, which has been viewed 74,000 times on Facebook, shows helicopters flying repeatedly over a cluster of buildings surrounded by hills at dusk and firing rockets while being shot at from the ground. One airborne helicopter is destroyed early in the clip and a large body of water can be seen in the distance. The Facebook post with the video features the text, “Multiple Attack on Russian Helicopter firing Missiles at Military Outpost.”

But the clip is actually gameplay from Arma 3 — a military simulation game that has been repeatedly misrepresented as footage of the war in Ukraine — not an actual video of real combat involving Russian helicopters.

Videos showing the same imagery, such as the helicopters attacking a complex of buildings at dusk, can be found on YouTube and are clearly labeled as Arma 3 gameplay. For instance, one Arma 3 video that was posted on YouTube on March 20 features similar imagery as well as the text, “Multiple Attack Helicopter firing Missiles at Military Outpost – Military Simulation – ARMA 3.”

A spokesperson for Bohemia Interactive, the company that created Arma 3, did not respond to The Associated Press’ request for comment about this specific clip. But the company has confirmed various other clips of Arma 3 gameplay that have been misrepresented on social media in the past as actual military conflicts.


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