Wallingford Latina develops game that brings awareness to domestic violence

WALLINGFORD — Instead of accepting machismo culture, a local Latina developed a video game that brings awareness to a serious problem.

“I don’t want to reveal too much about the game before it comes out,” said Jes Negrón, owner of Retcon Games and a Wallingford resident. “But it does bring awareness to the machismo culture in Latin America countries. Domestic violence and misogyny are big issues.”

Good Bones is the first video game that she developed under her own company. Negron was born in Connecticut after he parents came from Puerto Rico. 

Growing up, Negrón, 32, recalled people hiding the reality of domestic violence in Latino households. Now, she wants to bring awareness.

“I found this to be an extremely beneficial way to bring awareness to a younger audience, since it’s a game and people can interact with it,” said Negrón, who previously worked at Riot Games.

After two years, she decided to step away from Riot Games where she sued for unequal pay, discrimination and sexual harassment along with other women. Riot Games agreed to pay $100 million to settle the class-action lawsuit late last year.

Negrón wanted to build a company with equity and diversity.

“In the gaming industry, women and minorities are often overlooked.” Negrón said. “Not many are in the industry and with starting this company, I hope to one day offer that opportunity for them.”

When creating the storyline and design for Good Bones, Negrón was inspired by Latino culture. The characters are all Latina and the background music has a Latino lo-fi music vibe.

Good Bones

Good Bones, which took about six months to complete, will be released this spring on the gaming platforms Steam and itch.io. So far over 3,000 people have added the game, which is available for $14.99, to their wishlist on Steam.

“I decided to use my savings and create this game,” Negrón said.

Negrón received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of New Haven. Her father is a programmer and when Negrón started to teach herself how to code, he was a huge mentor.

“Although I’m in gaming, my English major has been essential in the process. When creating a game, you have to know how to write a good storyline and make people interested.” she said.

The game involves looking through a house to figure out what happened to a girl that died.

The team

The development team at Good Bones is mostly made up of Latinas. Patricia Navarro Guerra, the background artist for Good Bones, lives in Venezuela. She has been working as a background artist for three years and said that Negrón, who found her via the internet, is one of her best clients.

“She had everything structured already and I am so excited for this game because she is so sure and informed about the message,” said Guerra, who added she loves to work on projects with a feminist vision.

Guerra can be found on social media platforms under the username @metmarfil.

Good Bones character artist, Aggie Hidalgo, lives in Ohio and was found through Instagram.

“I post a lot of character designs and portrait art and I believe that’s what caught her eye,” she said. “She told me she liked my character style and wanted to collaborate.”

Hidalgo said that Negrón had a vision in this game. When they discussed the concept, an important factor was creating diverse characters.

“The awareness that she’s bringing with this game makes me excited for the release,” Hildago said.

Hidalgo can be found on Instagram under the username @_spotlessmind_.

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