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The Xbox One has certainly been a great console, although it has had some issues with the launch. Microsoft’s poor anti-consumer practices with this console resulted in the disintegration of the console and the monopoly of the console itself on the PlayStation 4, the company smashed the platform, even after a huge ban on game sharing and requiring the console to be located all the time.

Before we’re starting, we’ll have some notes to be made about that list. It’s because the system hasn’t quite many users. Similarly, those exclusives not found in there exist in real-emotional game-driven relationships with their direct counterpart, the PS4.

The Xbox One is a great console with great games. While many believe that lack of exclusives has a lot to do with this platform, the truth is that Xbox One has made a big move forward in improving the appearance of indie games in the consoles, and of course it has many good games to play on the updated version, as well as on the budget version. There are several games abounding in their story, and the best one is mentioned below.


Oxenfree is a really good indie game with a lot of puzzles. Nevertheless, the highlight of this game is the story, which is definitely in its own category.

Time-les-chains isn’t a easy topic, so Oxenfree deserves credit for his excellent presentation of this concept. Players play a lot of decisions that impact on their own decision making and do a great job of the way they respond to the story with respect to themselves.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a great way for players to experience this amazing sci-fi trilogy and to witness one of the best horror and impactful stories ever being told in gaming. Commander Hepard is an important hero, and his remastered edition is a sign of his legacy.

It is a huge success even Mass Effect 3s ending with less violence, since the fact is that it’s less natural and more natural. The trilogy is fun and proves why these games continue to receive so much praise to this day.

Titan fall 2:40.

The first game in Titanfall showed a great movement and fast-paced gameplay, but the lack of a single-player game spoilt the experience. It wasn’t happen in the sequel, which introduced the best solo FPS campaigns.

Having come to this incredible game, a lot of fans don’t even even know that Titanfall 2 didn’t sell well. The plot is very incredible.

Disco Elysium

It’s a great thing to see how far Disco Elysium has come since its release. Though the game was quite popular with its previews and marketing, its popularity exploded because of word of mouth at the time, when players experienced this storytelling masterpiece for themselves.

The theme of Disco Elysium is complex but clear, and as the game’s protagonists discover their identity, they have many twists and turns. This is a great game, and fans must wait to see the sequel to this great game come out.

The route to Kentucky is no longer allowed.

Since the game Telltales became popular, apologetic writing adventures have become quite common. Increasingly, studios have begun to produce weekly episodes about the same time in order to get more games. It’s possible to release more games faster, and in a way that means a steady stream of content.

Even in the case of episodic adventures, there is no other game that evokes an intriguing story than Kentucky Route Zero. When this game is available on Xbox Game Pass, many people can learn the magic of this game for themselves.

Red Dead Redemption 2:3:20

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a emotional roller coaster. It was amazing when it was announced that this movie was supposed to continue. It was announced then that it was a prequel, which seemed foolish. No one shook the table as to the movie’s release.

It was revealed that, so you can really understand this game, you must play it. Arthur Morgans storyline is one of the best in the videogame history and his characters look like real family. This road is very beautiful and rocky.

Life’s strange.

Games are on all the yearly plans. Even when the companies say they cannot announce their release schedules, waiting between episodes can be difficult, especially when it comes to Life is Strange.

In terms of sleeveing and graphics, the game was really small. Even the conversation was a little twisted. However, the plot turned out absurdity because it was about awkward teens. He wants to take care of time. We don’t dare disappoint you.

One the speed of a robot?

The first Nier was good and had its fans, but it was definitely one of those imperfect masterpieces. After a nearly 10-year hiatus, no one in their right mind thought that a sequel would never appear and that it would win the Game of the Year awards.

Simply put, NieR: Automata has exceeded all expectations. This is a complicated story that needs to be analysed to make a great case of it. Therein lies its fascination and the vast mysteries.

Three Witchers: 3 and 5.

Many open-world RPGs try to create an infinite world with landscapes and storylines, but they rarely meet expectations. The CD Projekt Red did a good job of turning the tide and making every quest meaningful, without the fact that two expansions opened up new possibilities for the terrifying story filled with love, loss and bloody monsters.

Stories From The Borderlands Are Here.

There is a lot to say in Borderlands, but it’s not a story of this sort. The script may be funny sometimes. It has a few memorable moments. But again it isn’t an engaging plot.

As for NieR: Automata, nobody would have thought that Telltale could do something memorable with the franchise. Not to mention this game did as well. That’s one of the funniest game of all time and the absolute best ever Telltale play. It’s a pity the company broke up.

Love is the swarm of a dragon. The Great War begins with the astrologers.

I think, too, that the games are different in size than Life is Strange. Ubisoft used their UbiArt engine, the same one used for the Rayman reboot, to tell a World War I story, it’s important.

Most storytellers try to take advantage of the heroic period of World War II as it seems as far as it is. However, Ubisoft wanted to challenge that. Luckily they could weave a novel that surprised everyone around with a question about wacky and unsettling facts. They finally wrote one of the heartfelt but saddest anime, endings of the list.

A dharma: An inquisition by the gods of dragons: the creation of an enchanted empire.

Dragon Age is enraged by controversy and failure. The first game was available to all the developers for several years. The sequel was criticized as being limited in scope. Fortunately, BioWare was able to come back with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Like many other similar games, it’s the best in the series. One more thing you think about the sheer shamble of final destruction is the companions you take along the way. From people of a party to parties of any type in the castle. They’re all special. Unfortunately, this is the final game of the BioWares.


It’s safe to say that everyone will experience depression or anxiety at a certain time in their lives. It may not seem too much fun to make a video game about overcoming this mechanism, but the team at Matt Makes Games managed to overcome this difficult task.

On the whole, this game can easily be mistaken for one of those complex kinds of puzzle platformers. Which certainly is the case. In spite of that, what we’ve already described is a beautiful story about life.

These two last installments, as well, are our personal favorites. They are excellent examples of chronicle endings. We have Metal Gear Solid 5, which was the long conclusion of over thirty years of stories.

Since Hideo Kojima and Konami are out, the match didn’t go to the end. That wasn’t much known yet, but what was, was as exciting and crazy as most of the rest of the story. It has one of the coolest openings in history and one of the most amazing isn’t the first one.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the thomas of the Three yen (Bentland).

And finally, Kingdom Hearts 3, which put an end to a story lasted almost two decades. Is that really the end? That horse is for Square Enix, just like Final Fantasy, so it’s never going to end.

However, the story of Xeanorths was quite successful. As for Metal Gear, there are still many questions to answer. Is this a tangle that only those fans who have been with him since the first day of the trial will understand? Certainly, but that isn’t less important in that story.

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