Watch Bruce Campbell Narrate Some Evil Dead: The Game Gameplay

Previews for Evil Dead: The Game went live all across the internet last week, which was a week or so after Game Informer’s round of exclusive coverage kicked off. However, not much of this footage contained Bruce Campbell himself, outside of his performance in the game as Ash, obviously. To remedy this, Saber Interactive released a video of Campbell narrating a match between a few influencers.

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The video put up on the official Evil Dead: The Game YouTube channel (which is age gated and why it isn’t embedded) contains clips of each player and is an abbreviated and more general version of the ones found on the unCAGEDgamez, Sohinki, GodzillaMendoza, and Slash ‘N Cast YouTube channels. Andy Campbell, Bruce’s son, also played the Kandarian Demon, while the latter three played the survivors.

Even though it is heavily edited, it does give a decent look at the game before its release on May 13, as the characters can be seen foraging around a dark forest as they look for materials. Bruce Campbell is heavily featured in the video, too, and is commentating over it all, cracking wise about the gameplay with his sarcastic and charming personality that he’s become famous for.

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Bruce has been heavily involved with the game’s other marketing materials, as he has done interviews as well as provided his voice for the trailers. When asked why, he stated that he is getting too old to physically embody Ash, so lending his voice is way for him to stay connected to the legendary character.

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