[Watch] Excali Pulls Off a 1v4 Clutch With Insane Operator Quick-Scopes

Pulling off a 1v4 in an intense situation with a Phantom and Vandal in hand is insanely tough, let alone with an Operator. Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar, professional Valorant player for Enigma Gaming, recently tweeted a video clip of his gameplay where he clutched a 1v4 round with insane Operator quick-Scopes. Excali tagged Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar, arguably the best Operator-wielding player in South Asia, in the tweet and asked him in jest whether he approved of the gameplay clip.

Excali flexes his 1v4 Operator clutch Twitter

Excali was playing a Valorant competitive match on Ascent with Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid, where Vibhor picked Sova and Excali picked Jett. In the tenth round, Excali found himself in a 1v4 situation with only an Operator to work with. He was the lone survivor on the attacking team, and the enemies were pushing on him from multiple angles.

Excali was standing on the boxes present at A Site Heaven of Ascent when the opponent Jett pushed Heaven from A-Window and killed Chamber using her Ultimate ability Blade Storm (X) and Updraft (Q). Fortunately, Jett did not see Excali standing on the boxes due to Brimstone’s Sky Smoke on Heaven. Excali quickly scoped in, killed Jett, and jumped to the site. While jumping down, Chamber pushed Heaven through the smoke to catch Excali off-guard and kill him. However, Excali hit an insane quick-scope to Chamber and killed him.

Following this, Fade used her Haunt (E) from Heaven and revealed Excali’s position near the Radianite boxes on the site. Fade used her Prowler (C) to Nearsight Excali and was successful. As he was Nearsighted, Excali quick-scoped Fade where he predicted she would be, killed her and dashed away for cover towards Generator.

When the pro player dashed, the opponent Omen used his Paranoia (Q) from A-Short to Nearsight Excali, which revealed his position. Vibhor told Excali that he saw Omen’s Paranoia come from A-Short; Excali peeked A-Main to kill him but missed his first shot. He then peeked again and killed Omen too.

Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar is a professional Valorant player currently playing for Enigma Gaming. He has shown an impressive performance since the early stage of Valorant Esports in India. Furthermore, since the addition of Excali to its roster, Enigma Gaming has shown an incredible improvement and won multiple tournaments, including TEC Challenger Series 8, Skyesports Pro Invitational – S1, and more. The team also recently qualified for the Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer. This LAN event is set to take place between 18th and 20th November in Hyderabad, India.

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