We made PC games into themed Xbox Elite controllers using Xbox Design Labs

The best wireless gaming controller (opens in new tab) you can get just got customisable, as Microsoft adds the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller (opens in new tab) to Xbox Design labs (opens in new tab). This storefront allows you to choose the colours of various aspects of your controller, including face plates, triggers, buttons, and more. Then you can top it all off with a few accessories, and maybe even a name engraving. It allows you to get a great quality official Xbox controller, in colour varieties you’re far less likely to see in the wild.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, the Xbox Elite controllers are a lot like the regular ones, but better in every way. They come with heaps of customisation options allowing for more control than usual. Things like hair-trigger locks, changeable d-pads, and back paddles make for a significant upgrade over the standard affair. They also pack a longer lasting battery, but have the added weight, and price tag to go with it.

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