Weird new Xbox controller has built-in screen

Asus, under its gaming accessory brand ROG, has revealed a brand-new Xbox and PC controller with a built-in OLED display, but it comes with a frustrating drawback for Xbox players.

The controller, called the ROG Raikiri Pro features a host of high-end features, including a cross-shaped directional pad, programmable back buttons, and adjustable triggers. It will also allow players to build different profiles, which can be switched between on-the-fly depending on the game or the situation.

The biggest draw, however, is the controller’s built-in display. It’s a small, monochrome, OLED display with a resolution of 128×40. On paper, that doesn’t sound that great, but it’s designed less to be a display for large amounts of information, and more a screen that provides information at a glance.

The display can be used to display a number of things, including fun displays like custom text and animations, but it can also be used to display important information. Asus says the controller’s screen can be used to display charging and battery status, the selected control scheme profile, and the status of the microphone, among other things.

Another big selling point for the Raikiri Pro is what Asus calls “tri-mode connectivity”, which basically means that it can connect to devices in three different ways: via Bluetooth, over a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, or via a wired USB-C connection.

Unfortunately, there’s a big drawback to that last selling point — tri-mode connectivity is only available when using the controller on a PC. When using the Raikiri Pro with an Xbox, players will have to use a wired USB connection; no wireless options are available for console play.

While the controller is listed as “Xbox-licensed”, Asus has taken to calling it a PC controller, likely because of this drawback making the controller much more appealing on a PC than it is on an Xbox. Players will also need to use a PC to change profiles and set up button mapping.

It’s not the only recently announced Xbox controller to be missing wireless connectivity on consoles. Third party accessory manufacturer Hyperkin announced that the Xbox 360 controller was coming back, with a modernised take on the iconic controller that’s also only usable with a wired connection.

The ROG Raikiri Pro doesn’t have a listed price yet, but it’s likely to be quite expensive as far as controllers go, although some controllers can get pretty pricey. A new PS5 controller costs almost $500 in Australia, the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, which is designed for competitive play.

Written by Oliver Brandt on behalf of GLHF.

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