What are the benefits of playing video games?

Video games are a fun, easy, relaxed way to pass the time and get your mind off the tiring, tedious chores and pace of real life for most people. The reasons why people play video games is a matter that will probably be discussed as long as there are games around to play, but with 3.2 billion people all over the world actively engaging in this pastime, there is no denying it’s a fact of people’s lives now. Therefore it’s essential to ask, “Are there any benefits of playing video games?” In this article, we looked for an answer to the question: “What are the advantages of playing video or mobile games?”

The world has gone through an era that is comparable to none recently. While the worldwide pandemic forced people to take refuge in the safety and isolation of their homes, no one knew how to cope with this situation. Video games’ most apparent benefits revealed themselves under these circumstances. Video and mobile games became a sanctuary for people who were alone and frightened in their homes. Therefore it will be more accurate to evaluate the benefits and advantages of video games in the context of this concept.

While the accessibility of a PC or console can be argued, it’s obvious that mobile games offer a very high level of accessibility to players. Smartphones are widely used and owned by most of the world’s population. Although there are many paid games, most mobile game companies have embraced free or freemium as their business model. These come forth as the most prominent advantages of mobile games. All someone needs to start playing a mobile game is to download one to a smartphone they already have.

Previously, someone who spared most of their free time to enjoy video games would be considered an unsocial person, a nerd, if you will. But today, they are regarded as just another way to socialize and are accepted by most communities. All kinds of video games today, including PC, console, or mobile games, offer one way or another to communicate with other players. Thus, another advantage of games is that they let people socialize in the safety and convenience of their homes.

Video games also enable people with various social disorders or anxieties and even various other disabilities to benefit from the same advantage. Some people with these conditions find it easier and less stressful to interact with others through video games.

Some games have serious masses of communities. These communities are an encouraging way to let the players socialize because they offer a particular common interest. This specificity makes it easier for people to start social interactions, including people with conditions making it hard for them to socialize. These communities also help to break the sense of isolation. Such communities also organize real-life events to bring these people together, which also offers opportunities for real-life interactions.

GamerCityNews young-people-playing-video-games-together What are the benefits of playing video games?

Although this subject has been heavily debated in the early days of video games, today, it’s a known fact that enhancing reflexes is a benefit of video games. Many video game genres emphasize different skills, and many lean on quick reflexes, dexterity, and visual perception, which are other benefits of video games that fall under the same concept. Video games can either enhance these skills or provide the benefit of keeping them sharp.

While smithing, fishing, or applying survival skills in a virtual environment doesn’t substitute for the real experience yet, acting as a simulation to try these crafts is another advantage of playing video games. People can be introduced to the dynamics or fundamentals of various hobbies or crafts and can discover if they’ll be interested in them. Some games can even teach the basics of various hobbies and crafts.

It’s widely known that rescue crews and even armies take advantage of video games as virtual reality simulations. Before facing real-life scenarios, they introduce these professionals to the stress and difficulties of various scenarios in an environment without health hazards. This use demonstrates video games’ advantages of simulating such arts and crafts. 

Offering a sense of success and achievement is another benefit of video games. From the most complex PC games to the most easygoing of hyper-casual games, all games offer some closure or reward after achievements. These virtual achievements stimulate the brain in the same or similar way they stimulate it in real-life experiences.

GamerCityNews friends-playin-video-games-together-1024x683 What are the benefits of playing video games?

While real-time strategy games are more prominent examples, even the most basic video or mobile games require the player to utilize or develop some strategy to progress. This encourages the player to push the limits of their mind to quickly and creatively come up with solutions to instantaneously developing problems. FPS games usually combine this with quick reflexes and dexterity. Strategy games involve foresight and planning ahead, while hyper-casual games include quick thinking and response. Combined, another advantage of video games is that they train the player to become an outside-the-box thinker and a fast problem solver.

Although they work and stimulate the brain, they let it relax. The human brain never stops thinking. Instead, it relaxes by focusing on different subjects. Hobbies work this way to calm a person and let them enjoy themselves. Even meditation works on the same principle. But sometimes, it is hard to focus on something simple and relaxing. Video games offer the benefit of presenting something simple and engaging for the brain to focus on. They take the player’s mind off of daily tasks or problems. Along with the feeling of achievement, this benefit becomes more efficient in helping a person relax.

This advantage of video games may be the most beneficial for parents. Many educational video and mobile games are categorized according to the skills they encourage or improve. They also offer time limitation options to control the screen time of youngsters. These features are good ways for kids to learn while having fun and for their parents to rest while their kids have a safe, educational, fun time.

Another advantage of video games is the opportunity of experiencing consequences. All video games represent various consequences dependent on player choices or actions. Some good narrative examples incorporate these consequences into the gameplay or story arc. This feature is an excellent way to teach these concepts to children. Although losing may be frustrating for everyone, even more for some, the ability to try again and the encouragement to not give up easily is another benefit of video games.

GamerCityNews dad-and-son-playing-video-game-together What are the benefits of playing video games?

Contrary to widespread belief, video games can promote exercise and make people move more. Not all games are played by sitting on a chair in front of a PC or console. Mobile games are especially prominent in this area because they are played on handheld devices. One good example of this is Pokemon Go. This mobile game surprised the world with its play style and gameplay elements encouraging the players to walk more to progress in the game. 

Many console and PC games aren’t played by sitting on a chair. Also, VR companies and game developers are working to develop ways to let players play the games by standing and moving in their homes without causing them to bump into walls or furniture and hurt themselves. Although VR has a way to go before achieving this, some existing games offer players the benefit of exercising while having fun.

GamerCityNews mobile-games-encourage-exercise-1024x922 What are the benefits of playing video games?

There are so many benefits of video games and mobile games. But there is wisdom in these words, attributed to Paracelsus, “The dose makes the poison”. Even the healthiest of foods can poison a person when over-eaten, and even the healthiest of habits can hurt when over-exercised, therefore it’s beneficial to keep in mind that, like everything else in life, the advantages of video games are the most effective when consumed in moderation

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