What will be the likely release date of WWE 2K23?

WWE fans have been waiting for WWE 2K23 to drop for a while now. The previous edition of the game was hailed by gamers as one of the better titles from the franchise. The features in that game were marked as refreshing, leading to increased anticipation for the upcoming one.

WWE 2K23 is yet to be confirmed, but there is no doubt that the coming months will provide fans with the news. Until then, the makers will be updating WWE 2K22 with patches to keep fans interested. However, much has changed in the wrestling world in the last year. As such, they will be aware that they have to drop the latest title before gamers lose patience.

WWE 2K usually releases their games before Christmas. However, following COVID-19 and the negative reception to WWE 2K20, the makers canceled WWE 2K21 and focused on the 2022 title. They released it three weeks before WrestleMania 38 on March 11, 2022.

For the record, MyFaction in WWE 2K22 has made considerably more revenue than anticipated – not a good sign for players that were hoping to see the back of the mode. Expect it to be pushed even harder for #WWE2K23

If WWE 2K23 follows this model, expect it to be released before WrestleMania 39. To be exact, that will be on March 10, 2023, three weekends before the party in Los Angeles.

The expectations for WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 has a lot of hype behind it following the positive reception for WWE 2K22. The company will be keen to keep that momentum going and not have another WWE 2K20 situation, which if you don’t know was perhaps their worst title in a long time.

Current WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon is someone who is looking forward to the new game’s release. Following the success of the 2022 game, she hailed the makers for delivering a great product and made sure to address the positive critical reception it received.

“After taking a little more than a year off to improve the game engine, we worked hand in glove with our partners at Take Two Interactive, listened to our customers and fans, and earned back their trust by delivering a game that exceeded their expectations. WWE 2K22 was a commercial and critical success with the highest Metacritic scores on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms in franchise history.” [H/T gamesradar]

GamerCityNews  What will be the likely release date of WWE 2K23?

We predict WWE 2K23 will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even Xbox One and PS4. It will have some new features while keeping what made its predecessor so good. With an updated roster and better graphics, it should be a cracker of a title.

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