What’s your favorite video game?

XCOM 2 a game that will last forever (pic: 2K Games)

A reader reveals that their non-multiplayer games have successfully completed most, from Into The Breach to Final Fantasy 7.

The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was selected by the reader Chevy Malibu (PSN ID) and, while technically you could nominate a multiplayer game, we were more interested in games you come back to every few years to play again.

From our surprise (and approval) XCOM 2 was by far the most popular pick, in fact we have seldom known an extremely hot topic to be so dominated by an entire game. Especially as many other choices were turned-based, and so did many other options.

In deep, there’s never been an easier question to answer: its XCOM 2 problem. I have played XCOM: Enemy Unknown a lot, and, as well, as one of those run throughs of Enemy Within, but it’s XCOM 2 by a mile.

I have Platinum for XCOM 2 on PlayStation 4. Just getting that achievement took so much time. So far I know it’s that for Xbox and Switch, and both of those systems have a Sisyphean number.

As for PlayStation in a few years ago, a year ended wrap meant that you could see your most played game, etc. I had 140 hours in the year was not the platinum run year, so I had only started that in lockdown.

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The second best game I have ever played would be Into The Breach. Because of its rooling nature, you take repeated runs, to finish the run, and then try further to unlock new squads and unlock the in-game game achievements. It is weird to think that at first, I didn’t click on the game but then back back to that for some years later. Now, this game is my favourite indie game of all time.

I had 60 hours of working on Switch which I know really not so hard for certain people, but for me to spend time with just one game is too expensive. I still have some interesting achievements to get. This is, right? And that is nothing else. To try to get all the games learned before starting the DLC and now I’m nearly there, just beating the game on Hard difficulty is another choice for me.

You are pretty easy to play, so there is plenty of strategy to be considered on medium and tough difficulties, however, a few days later, there’s a way of getting off the ground.Bett [Rat] Now playing: God of War (PS5) and Tinykin (Steamdeck) Now playing: the god of the tiger in the middle of the world, and then returning to the world with a little speed for the game.

Triumvirate, turn-based strategies have nearly destroyed gaming for me. Advance Wars, Into The Breach, and XCOM, besides the other two, are so enduring, that when two-by-three are the same playthroughs, many other games that I would spend time in getting to sidelined. Astral Chain, Metroid Dread, and countless PlayStation 4 games, including Elden Ring, are battling this fate.

While mentally taxing, Into The Breach is perfectly perfect after a hard day in work, when you just want to quit. I play the music a lot so that it left an almost ruined ghostly image on my 65 OLED TV.

I played multiple times in the Super Mario Galaxy. Their inventiveness, huge amount of variety, perfect gameplay mechanics, and total joyousness make them masterclasses of form. Games so immersive that you would not know the difference between reality and virtuality. You flocked to them with them. In that space, right now, the time and the physics is really Mario, that’s the place in which you belong to another world.

The Splatoon series is the second of the above trio. The game continues to be a blast.

Turning countMy game has XCOM2, and the base game is the game of the war off the chosen man. I first bought it on the PlayStation 4 and then on the Switch. I must’ve played six or seven times, frankly, I lost count.

This is one of the few games that get close to perfection. The research and design of alien technology, atmosphere that exists between the Souls games and diverse missions. That gives it all the power of knowledge and imagination.Khevy Malibu (PAN ID) is a computer-connected computer.

There are few games which I forget a lot of times, but the one I’ve probably experienced most is UFO: Enemy Unknown (the original XCOM game).

The research tree is the main factor for replayability: it allows you to go other ways and play with the weapons and then tacts in the squad turn-based combat (the meat of the game). Time-unit system is also a big factor unlike most games in the genre. In turn, you can do multiple different – or even synchronizing – roles in a given and in a given number of different roles.

Each action cost time units, which are replenished when the next step starts. Even though the squad members play small part in the mission and survive the quest for survival, their TU maximum is often a rising amount along with your action opportunities.

The excellent animation and MIDI music create nostalgia for me, but in some cases, the core gaming mechanics are better than I have almost 30 years later. It should be hard for me to return to it. OpenXcom fans great project, squashing the original bugs and adding new quality of life features. What makes it very accessible today, can easily get lost with a lot of flaws that otherwise cause me to play it more often.

The problems of the game are difficult to solve. The other games I replay have different reasons. At Zelda 2, I still like the fast paced combat of. Princess of Persia is a mix of nostalgia and swing-based platforming, which is still a very good idea. Breath Of Fire 3 comes equipped with a unique master system allowing you to push your characters stats and change the direction you prefer, thus allowing teams to play the game in a variety of ways.

Chrono Trigger provides an excellent new game system, which allows you to break the game fully. I don’t think that there’s a single answer to what makes a game playable, but there are plenty of games that can keep you engaged.

I don’t think that it’s a key feature; replayability is very cool. Although sometimes I just like a point n click game that recently I liked the return of Monkey Island I would not have thought to play it for a long time, it’s probably not a long time but consider my money spent for the experience.

There are lots of games I wouldn’t like to replay because it was very hard and consuming first time around, but that wouldn’t mean that I had to enjoy the journey for each horrific Bart Vs. The Space Mutants theres a sublime Contra 3 – that I completed on Hard mode many years ago and don’t want to ever do anything again!

Game of Thrones. It’s just a combination of weapons and the performance of those weapons that makes for another playthrough easy. The game was canceled, too. A loop is necessary, and for you, it becomes much harder to run. We used perfectly.

Nuclear power, youre the king.Henry.

Time poorMany years ago, playing games was my goal, as long as I had enough time to do that, but then in the end, the only thing I could afford.

I did play an updated remastered edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy with FemShep and tried different choices, as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And maybe even if it was the same outcome experience, I can put the time it needed to really enjoy them again. But now, although, I doubt that I’ll do them again for the foreseeable future.

Smaller indie games on the iOS or PC can be replayed. Even in my life, Monkey Island has been replayed continuously. Despite the Japanese role-playing largely now almost always a one-time play, I would never imagine listening to the PS1 era of Final Fantasy.

Once again, the SNES rinsed and repeated the same set of games all the time, if a new one could be afforded or a nice birthday or Christmas present was presented to me. I feel nostalgia keeps memories alive, too.

I can find memories from past time and gaming. When I watch TV or film, I say a lot, Oh I did that once brought back memories! The merging or virtual and real life is pretty cool, I guess.

The most played and complete series are Super Mario World, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Earthworm Jim, Lion King, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy 7, Monkey Island, Super Mario World 2, Yoshis Island, and Donkey Kong Country.

Maybe when I retire, I replay my gaming collection favourites, and revisit more recent gaming gems. It definitely looks like an attractive adventure indeed.

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