When Can I Buy Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 On PS4 and Xbox One?

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this month and fans want to know when they can buy it.

Unlike other titles recently announced, there doesn’t appear to be any way to purchase the game before it arrives on consoles.

And even if you do look for it on the Xbox or PlayStation Store, it doesn’t appear to have a new page to find.

Dark Alliance – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer



Dark Alliance – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer






When Can I Buy Dark Alliance 2 On PS4 And Xbox One?

The return of a classic always builds hype, and there are plenty of gamers ready to explore a top Dungeons & Dragons title from the past. So when will you be able to buy Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 on consoles? Well, Black Isle Studios has confirmed via its social media pages that the store pages for consoles will appear on release day.

That means you will have to wait for the big arrival, with the official Dark Alliance 2 release date scheduled for July 20 across all compatible platforms. It should be noted that BGDA2 will be releasing on Steam, GoG, and Epic Game Store at the same time as consoles.

The Dark Alliance 2 coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox this week will be a remaster of the 2004 version of Baldur’s Gate. The same version will also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X via Backwards Compatibility.

The Dark Alliance 2 Remaster comes with improved graphics, including 4K resolution on PC platforms, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles. All versions include single-player and two-player coop, along with Steam Remote Play.

And these are the other features available as part of the returning Dark Alliance 2 experience:

  • Five new heroes with new class feats and abilities
  • Hack your way or cast powerful spells through over 80 perilous levels
  • Hidden areas, secret characters, and hundreds of items to discover, customize, and use
  • Forge unique magical weapons and armour to maximize the damage you inflict in battle
  • Conquer hordes of beasts and armies of Hobgoblins, Ghouls, Golems and dreaded Dragons
  • Compelling single or two-player cooperative modes of play.

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