Where to find Island Spruce Logs in FFXIV’s island sanctuaries

There are many kinds of materials you can find and use in Final Fantasy XIV’s latest feature, Island Sanctuaries. From collecting them in the wild to harvesting crops, there is a lot to discover.

The Island Spruce Logs are one of those materials. You won’t unlock them straightaway but you won’t really need them until you reach rank eight of your Island Sanctuary.

Then, however, they will be required to upgrade facilities to rank three. You might wonder where to find them, especially if you’ve already taken down trees without seeing the item popping up in your inventory.

Here’s how to find them.

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Where to find Island Spruce Logs in Island Sanctuaries

You can’t collect Island Spruce Logs in your area’s forests. The only way to get them is through Granary expeditions, which are executed by mammets.

To initiate a Granary, go to the representing mammet in front of your hideaway’s main facility and select the right environment. You’ll see the Island Spruce Log as rare material for forest expeditions.

Although they are labeled as rare, you’ll have a higher chance of getting them when returning from an expedition.

You will need to wait for the next morning to collect your expedition earnings, and then you’ll be able to renovate your facilities to the third and final rank.

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