Where to find lightsabers in Fortnite as Star Wars returns to game

After appearing in a 2019 Fortnite event, lightsabers have returned to the video game from a galaxy far, far away. May the 4th be with you for almost two whole weeks!

Gamers will be able to experience Fortnite X Star Wars for a limited time only, from 3rd May until 17th May 2022.

Everyone loves a lightsaber, but where can you find them? Keep reading to find out the iconic weapons’ likely locations to make the most of this exciting collaboration.

Discover where to look for lightsabers on the island and how to use them, below.

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Star Wars returns to Fortnite

Lightsabers are back! Jump into a Fortnite game now to use the Starwars weapon, complete limited-time quests and more from 3rd May until 17th May 2022.

Video game company Epic Games announced that Star Wars Day is being commemorated on Fortnite as four lightsabers from the franchise will be available.

You can pick up Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s red weapon, Mace Windu’s purple item and Obi-Wan’s blue lightsaber across the island.

Gamers can go through Stormtrooper training to earn an Empire Banner, the E-11 Blaster Rifle is also returning to the island and previously available Star Wars-themed outfits, including versions of Rey and Finn, are also making a return.

Where to find lightsabers in the game

Lightsabers can be found all around the island as floor loot, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the ground for small, glowing sticks with a golden light.

Dexerto stated that their players managed to find one of the iconic weapons inside a destroyed building at Tilted Towers, but you should be able to find them at most Points Of Interest if searching around long enough.

The best way to find one of the Star Wars weapons is to go to an area with a lot of loot. Euro Gamer suggests that named locations like The Daily Bugle, Tilted Towers and Command Cavern contain a lot of chests and floor loot, but you should be careful as these are also popular landing areas.

You should find all of the lightsabers at random and they each have the same performance as each other.

How to use the wicked weapons

Lightsabers are a melee weapon in Fortnite, meaning you will need to get up close with your opponents to deal any damage.

Dexerto recommends players should always carry a gun as a backup option.

Use the ‘shoot’ button (R2 on PS5) to swing the lightsaber, stringing hits together for a combo.

The ‘ai’ button (L2 on PS5) can be used to block incoming attacks, both bullets and melee.

One of the game’s May the 4th challenges requires players to ‘block hits using a Lightsaber’ at least ten times. As long as you get the timing right, you should be able to complete this easily.

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