Where To Pre-Order Splatoon 3 On Nintendo Switch

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Kids and squids alike will no doubt be looking forward to Splatoon 3, the latest game in Nintendo’s family-friendly shooter series that’s headed to Switch later this year. If you’re super keen, you’ll be pleased to know that pre-orders for the title have started to appear at a number of retailers.

Nintendo has now confirmed that the game will hit stores on 9th September 2022, and more and more pre-order options are now available as a result. If you’re wanting to secure your order in good time, keep on reading.

Pre-Order Splatoon 3 In The US

Pre-orders are now live at both Amazon and GameStop, as seen below. We’ll add more options to this article as we get closer to launch.

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Pre-Order Splatoon 3 In The UK

The game’s also available from Amazon in the UK with a pre-order price guarantee, although you can already get it cheaper elsewhere if you prefer.

Are There Any Splatoon 3 Special Editions On Switch?

No special editions for the game have been released just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintendo come up with something special for it. If anything does materialise, we’ll make sure to feature it right here in this guide.

Are There Any Pre-Order Bonuses For Splatoon 3?

No pre-order bonuses have been revealed for the game just yet, but we’ll make sure to update this article as and when any are announced.

Get Practicing For Splatoon 3

If you’re excited for Splatoon 3 and want to get some practice in before it arrives in stores, remember that Splatoon 2 is still available on Nintendo Switch. You can pick up a copy below.

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If you need convincing, Nintendo dropped some brand new extended footage for the game to celebrate the release date announcement. And yes, it’s looking pretty great!

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