Wii U emulator is going open source as Cemu 2.0 announced

Cemu is the definitive Wii U emulator, breathing a new life to the largely under-appreciated 2012 Nintendo home console. Following years of work, the emulator’s lead developer and founder has announced Cemu 2.0, while finally offering a Linux version.

Making the announcement via Reddit, Exzap, the lead developer and founder of Cemu released a lengthy post titled ‘Cemu 2.0 announcement. Linux builds, open-source and more’ where they revealed that:

“This update marks a new chapter for Cemu. Starting today we will transition to an open-source model for development. Our github repository is already available and anyone can contribute or study our codebase.”

Additionally, as mentioned, Cemu is now offering Linux builds, though the dev did clarify that “Right now you still have to compile Cemu yourself for most distros. However, we are looking into adding appimage or flatpak releases for convenience.”

The full list of changes can be found HERE, and Exzap’s full statement can be found HERE, where the developer concluded by saying “Sometimes I get the question of what I will do after Cemu (with which I’m not done yet!). I think I’ll take a break from emulator development, but knowing myself I’ll eventually return because I’m craving the challenge. I could also see myself sticking with Cemu as a side-project for a very long time. Who knows.”

Going open-source and coming to Linux are two huge accomplishments. Cemu has always impressed, and with this latest update, the emulator feels nearly complete.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this update? Do you own any Linux machines? What is your favourite Wii U game? Let us know down below.

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