Will the Eagerly Awaited Hogwarts Legacy Allow Fans To Select Their Own Wands?

Harry Potter is a long running and beloved fictional franchise. Firstly, it entertained the readers through compelling books and then by the amazing movies. And now, it will stun the gaming lovers as well later this year. However, the Boy Who Lived won’t be the part of this journey, as Hogwarts Legacy will present the world of magic in a fresh way.


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The game has slowly emerged as one of the most anticipated releases of 2022, thanks to its association with the Harry Potter saga. And after the reveal of March’s State of Play footage from PlayStation, fans are even more excited for Hogwarts Legacy.


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But as the players wait for the enchanting project’s debut, there are many questions hovering over the possible perks that it will offer. And when it comes to perks, nothing is as essential as the wand. In the wizarding world, this is one instrument of utilizing power that every wizard possesses at some point of time.

Is Hogwarts Legacy going to offer options to choose customized wands?

As is already known, Avalanche is the developer of the upcoming new video game adaptation based on J.K. Rowling’s series of best-selling books. Hogwarts Legacy will offer the players an immersive world, styled in an RPG format. Its story is based in the 1800s, which means that it takes place before the timeline of the events featuring Harry Potter.


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During PlayStation’s State of Play event, showcased in March, it was revealed that the game will have tons of options for the players to become skilled in their abilities. Which means they can enhance their skill set and also their charms in order to use more effective spells.

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But every spell that a wizard casts, comes from the wand which is unarguably the most important equipment. It’s almost impossible to imagine a student of Hogwarts without wielding the wand.

Strangely, though, the State of Play didn’t throw any light on how the Hogwarts Legacy players will get to use the wands as they progress through the game’s story. In fact, there was no mention of any specific segment discussing the wands, let alone their types.

Does that mean fans won’t get to choose their own wands in Hogwarts Legacy?


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Well there’s no exact answer to this question, at least for now. Even the game’s official website lacks any kind of specific section mentioning the wands or their varieties.

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But since they are going to be an essential part of Hogwarts Legacy, it seems likely that the developers will reveal something related to them in the coming months. Or they can even drop a big surprise in the game itself following its launch.


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At the moment, there’s no exact confirmation available on this topic from the side of Avalanche studio.

The awaited project is expected to release towards the end of 2022 during the holiday season.

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