Xbox Cloud Gaming has arrived at Meta Quest 2

Xbox 360 can play games on both iPad and mobile. The number of options will quickly increase, and as of now, the new Xbox cloud game is being announced on Meta Quest 2! The company says more information is likely to be revealed soon. At that time, Xbox has no plans to use VR as an instrument, but it is also likely that the system will support Xbox in its astrologise.

Xbox Cloud Gaming can stream hundreds of high-quality games to a variety of devices and features, you can also update Meta Quest 2 on your website. When Xbox Cloud Gaming launches on the MetaQuest store, you can play a controller on the headset and turn the console on a large 2D screen, like having a private movie theater that’ll be accessible all over the place.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Xbox Game Pass fans offer that option! While Cloud Gaming on mobile devices makes a lot of sense, it’s a little harder to understand the idea that it can be done to stream games on Meta Quest 2, on an Xbox console. That said, Xbox has embraced the idea of building an ecosystem outside of a traditional console. If this partnership leads to Meta users subscribing to Game Pass, the company could expand its footprint.

The advantages of Xbox Cloud Gaming are that it seamlessly syncs save data with all devices. It means that a player who spends time with Halo Infinite on their Xbox Series X can pick up where they left off on their mobile or on Meta Quest when the option comes to power. In comparison to those types of games, the freedom of playing those types is definitely a good thing.

Can you use Xbox Cloud Gaming on a Meta Quest 2? What kind of options do you think you have?

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