Xbox Exec Jokes About The Number Of ‘Game Pass’ Mentions At 2022’s Showcase

We’ve all heard that “World Premiere” voice line over and over in our heads after an Xbox show right? The one the team loves to use at pretty much all of its Xbox showcase events. Well, this year, we better get ready to hear plenty of ‘Game Pass’, jokes Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg.

It might not be delivered with that same ‘World Premiere’ pizazz, but expect to hear plenty of Game Pass talk from all the Xbox presenters in 2022. Greenberg retweeted an E3 montage filled with “Xbox games” quips, joking that this year, we better get used to “Game Pass, Game Pass, Game Pass, Game Pass”.

It’s not hard to believe that to be honest! Xbox is all-in on Game Pass as we know, and it’d be tough to imagine many 2022 Xbox Showcase reveals not featuring some sort of Game Pass tie-in.

Some of those mentions could even be related to Activision Blizzard, as we recently touched on in our Xbox Showcase predictions. Sure, the deal hasn’t gone though just yet, but Game Pass could still get some early Activision additions. Here’s hoping!

How much Game Pass are you expecting to see at the showcase? Let us know down below.

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