Xbox Game Pass Looks like a PlayStation Console Exclusive

A popular game that is only available to PlayStation consoles could soon enter the PC tier of the Xbox Game Pass. We’ve seen that few PlayStation exclusives eventually go to the Xbox console after many years. In fact, this will happen again in 2022, when Solar Ash, The Pathless and Maquette all land on Game Pass. Although all the titles are available on Xbox consoles, this new lull in mention is likely to only be heading to Game Pass for PC.

Based on a new thread from the official Xbox Game Pass twitter account, it looks like Kojima Productions’ open-world game Death Stranding is likely to be headed to the Microsoft subscription service soon. In the past day, the PC Game Pass account on Twitter changed its profile to reflect a nondescript landscape. After a long whim, the concept of the scene appears to be based on Death Stranding, which first appeared on PlayStation 4 in 2019 in the end and later became PC in 2020. Although Microsoft and Kojima Productions haven’t yet confirmed that Death Stranding is to be added to Game Pass, this blatant tease may suggest that it would be happening soon.


NV (@naven0m) August 16, 2022

This will be a good thing again for us. Death Stranding is the game in which we have been teased for Xbox Game Pass, but it won’t be coming to consoles. On the other hand, the title won’t arrive for the Xbox 360 console. Without that, Death Stranding would continue to be a PlayStation console exclusive, which would have been something that will never change.

Currently, Microsoft has already outlined that eight new games in total will be coming to Xbox Game Pass before August comes to an end. To find Death Stranding from this lineup, there was no place in it. This would likely only happen once the popular Kojima game is landed on the service. Then again, considering Gamescom around the corner, Death Stranding could be an additional stealth upgrade to the platform that will be announced soon as the big gaming event kicks off.

Would you like to play Death Beaching for yourself if it came into Xbox Game Pass? And do you think that this is a surprising possibility?

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