Xbox Games with Gold June 2022 Leaked: Super Meat Boy, Aven Colony

The first two games included in Xbox Games With Gold for June 2022 have been leaked ahead of Microsoft’s official announcement; perhaps due to the Memorial Day holiday, the official Games With Gold announcement is much later than usual. As the Xbox Games With Gold tend to be added to the Xbox Game Store the day before their addition to the program, two of the four games have been revealed ahead of time.

Xbox Games with Gold for June 2022

Microsoft is yet to reveal the full lineup for June 2022. However, the first two games in the Xbox Games With Gold program for next month will be Aven Colony on Xbox One and Super Meat Boy on Xbox 360. Aven Colony sets players in the alien world of Aven Prime and tasks them with building humanity’s first extrasolar settlement amidst the challenges of a low-oxygen atmosphere, extreme weather conditions, toxic gas eruptions from geothermal vents, and a completely unfamiliar day-night cycle. Of course, the planet already has a few inhabitants and they’re not all happy to see new life arrive in their environment. The game will be available in Games with Gold until June 30.

Few will be unfamiliar with Super Meat Boy. The challenging twitch reflex platformer tasks players with guiding the titular cube of meat through more than 300 levels filled with buzz saws, pools of old needles, buzz saws, enemies, and more buzz saws. Those who are successful will save Meat Boy’s girlfriend from an evil fetus in a jar, who happens to be wearing a tux. This game will be available until June 15.

The remaining Games With Gold titles should be announced later today. For now, Yoku’s Island Express, Viva Piñata: Party Animals, and The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk are the current Xbox Games with Gold titles. Both Yoku’s Island Express and Viva Piñata: Party Animals are only available to download until the end of today, May 31, while Inner World – The Last Wind Monk is available until June 15. Once claimed, the Xbox One games will remain in your library as long as you remain an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. The Xbox 360 games are yours to keep permanently.

In other news, the Dark Souls PC servers will be returning, starting with Dark Souls III. Elsewhere, V Rising developer Stunlock has revealed the game will have content that includes some of players’ darkest dreams when it leaves Early Access.

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