Xbox Live Down with Sign In Error – Xbox One & Xbox Series X Server Status

Xbox Live is down tonight temporarily with a new issue that leaves gamers unable to access their library.

UPDATE: A new update from Microsoft confirms that services are being worked on and that playing Digital Games is one of the main areas that is currently affected by today’s outage. Other issues listed in the latest Xbox Live Server Status update includes the following: You may have trouble starting cloud games or be unexpectedly disconnected from a game after it begins. You may have problems playing your digital games right now.

ORIGINAL: The new error began earlier on May 6 and appears to have started booting Xbox One and Xbox Series X console owners from live games starting at 9pm BST.

It’s unclear what is causing the issues, but gamers are sharing what they know online.

According to those affected by today’s outage, one of the biggest problems comes when you try to sign in to your account.

This is an essential part of accessing your online content, and Xbox gamers report having trouble completing the process.

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Xbox Live Is Temporarily Down

There are also reports of problems after completing this step, with gamers clicking on the game they want to play, only to find themselves booted out quickly afterwards.

One user writes: “Does anyone else when launching a game see it say the person who bought this needs to sign in?”

Another adds: “I just wanna play some Skyrim. Anyone else wanna play Skyrim too or just me?”

The good news is that Xbox is aware of tonight’s issues and is looking to have Xbox Live servers back online as soon as possible.

A new post from the Xbox support team reads: “We’re aware that some users are unable to purchase games, launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions. Our teams are investigating. Please keep an eye here and on our status page for updates.”

More news and updates are expected to be shared by Microsoft if tonight’s problems continue. And with so many people affected, there’s a good chance that the tech giant will have this solved sooner rather than later.

In other news, Xbox Live Down with Sign In Error – Xbox One & Xbox Series X Server Status

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