Xbox will have its own presentation at Tokyo Game Show

Xbox has confirmed that it will be returning to Tokyo Game Show this year with another streamed presentation.

The show will take place on September 15 at 6pm JST / 2am PDT / 5am EDT / 10am BST, and according to Xbox will be “a show curated for our players in Japan and Asia”.

“We invite fans to tune in to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Xbox Stream where you can expect to see updates on existing titles from Xbox Game Studios and titles launching from developer partners that we hope will delight players here in Japan, across Asia and around the world,” the company said.

Xbox will be streaming the presentation on its YouTube channels in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, while the official Tokyo Game Show channel will also be broadcasting it.

Although the presentation is likely to mainly focus on announcements suited for the Asian market, Xbox’s previous two Tokyo Game Show presentations still featured announcements that also applied to the west.

In its first presentation it announced Flight Simulator content related to Japan, and in last year’s presentation it showed a variety of indie games from Japanese developers, while also revealing that Scarlet Nexus was being added to Game Pass that same day.

Xbox continues to try to make an impact in Japan, where it has traditionally struggled to see anywhere near the level of success it enjoys in the west.

Its renewed efforts were made clear with its most recent console launch. Xbox Series X and S launched day-and-date with other territories (compared to a year later with its previous console), with Xbox boss Phil Spencer saying it intends to better cater to Japanese players this console generation.

The plan appears to be working to an extent – in July it was revealed that Series X/S sales were already more than double that of the Xbox One’s lifetime sales in Japan, and to date more than 300,000 consoles have been sold in the country.

However, Xbox Series still has a way to go before it breaks Xbox records in Japan: Microsoft’s best-selling console in the region is the Xbox 360 with 1.6m units sold in its lifetime.

Xbox Series X and S have enjoyed an unusual sales momentum in Japan over the past couple of months, with the consoles even at one point outselling PlayStation 5 in two separate weeks (though this was almost certainly down to stock shortages).