Yamaha jumps into video games using the ZG Series gaming mixer

Yamaha made a play to introduce the audio of video games with the announcement of the ZG Series Gaming Mixer. Technically, the company released two versions of the products and the first one is the mixer itself, which stands for the product name, the ZG01. With that they released a gaming headset for use with the mixer, YH-G01. Both of these items are being sold individually or in the ZG01 pack. This mixer uses an USB interface, to give gamers as much control as possible, with the primary game audio, voice chat and other inputs, such as to have multiple levels of control. All with a immersive 3D surround sound setup and what they call “competitive game focus modes.” We have more info on them here, but you’ll get $300, the headset for $170 and the pack for $420.

Credit: Yamaha

The ZG01 gaming mixer is easy to use for a multi-player gamer; it’s powerful enough to help eSports users and live-streaming broadcasters. Inputable controls allow you to manage sound and sound effects instantly. Advanced microphone settings and voices (compiling / limiter, reverb, pitch, radio-singer…) help you to tweak and personalise your voice. The ZG01 has an integrated mic or a dedicated mic via the rear-panel XLR / TRS combo jack.

The ZG01 connects a Windows or Mac computer via a single USB-C cable, with audio and control managed by a skilled Steinberg USB driver, which recognizes your computer as multiple virtual devices for play, voice chat and streaming apps. You can use a 2-in-1-out HDMI switch to connect to gaming consoles. This player can connect to the player, giving video capture up to 4K/60. For gamers who prefer to play a chat app on their smartphones rather than on their PC, the ZG01 offers a jack-powered smartphone.

For a credit: Yamaha Credit: Yamaha

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