You can buy a full set of new games for Xbox One and PlayStation 5

As of the end of last week, the gaming department announced the arrival of physical copies of gaming novels available close to recommended ones. That last of Us: Part I remake for PS5, Destroy All Humans! 2, Reprobed for PS5 and PS4, and St. Paul’s Square for Sony.

According to the official M.Game community, this is just the beginning. The company seriously has taken the issue of providing games novelties this autumn to the Russian market despite a slight delay, related to logistical concerns.

In a very near future, I would’ve anticipated you to receive:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 late this week, earn next week NBA 2K23 late this week, earn next week The Soul Hackers 2 late this week, earn next week, earn next week.

This month:

Spoiler alert

During October An Asterix and obelix: Agashi during October, An Atero-Agashi and Requiem Between obew and Athew on the March 16, 1762 Attheam During October, the king: The Count of the World’s Lost War Thriller During October October 3, 8:38 In October A retor in that hat-the-switch, 2:43 At The Thyme of New York a

In November:

Spoiler alert

The Dead: When a reversal fails the ailment of hope until November ‘Tenthousand’ becomes the end of the reversal of the world, a reversal of the resurgence of the aloquence of the Awakening. In April ‘Tuare the Night of the Awakening & lam. During August / November /, the end of November / The Devil & a

In December:

Spoiler alert

The Dark Side early December Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja T-Rex Edition before the end of year Syberia: The World Before Limit Editionbefore the end of the year The Callisto Protocol before the end of year Marvel Midnight Suns after the year Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

In this situation, the store can be very limited in games and platform choices, just because not all games (and not everywhere) are free of charge. You should also understand that you shouldn’t expect localization in games (if it’s not listed on the official website of a game, developer or publisher). As you can imagine, it’s one of the only way to play new games on consoles, without even a trick.

In our PRIZES section you can buy The Plague Tale, Requiem, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II or Steelrising for PC, where game novelties, now available on Steam, come often. There you may win and refill the steam wallet.

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