YouTuber Dunkey’s publisher, BigMode, has revealed its first game

After announcing the establishment of an indie publishing label, BigMode (opens in new tab), last September, long-time videogame YouTuber Dunkey revealed the endeavor’s first game at the beginning of his Best of 2022 (opens in new tab) video. BigMode will be publishing developer Shared Memory’s upcoming platformer, Animal Well.

Animal Well (opens in new tab) debuted at this past E3’s Day of the Devs indie event, and is a pixel art platformer where you play as a cute little brown blob person⁠—I immediately thought “Kirby by way of that brown fluff ball dude from Yu-Gi-Oh! (opens in new tab)” Animal Well is set in a “dense, interconnected labyrinth,” and features Metroidvania-style exploration of this underground world. It currently has no set release date, but you can wishlist Animal Well on Steam (opens in new tab).

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